DST-CPR Discussion Series on Science for Policy & Policy for Science [Open Access Policy]: 7 Jun 2017

DST-CPR Discussion Series on Science for Policy & Policy for Science  [Open Access Policy]: 7 Jun 2017 

Dear All, This is an open call for a meeting on “Science for Policy & Policy forScience” discussion. The topic of discussion for the upcoming meeting on7th of June is *Open Access Policy*.  Date   : 07-06-2017Day    : WednesdayTime   : 5:30 PMVenue  : The Seminar Hall, DST-CPR, Archives and Publications Cell, IISc Bangalore.Contact person: 8248169895email ID: chagun@apc.iisc.ernet.in Expert Panelists:       1. Subbaiah Arunachalam (Professor. DST-CPR-IISc);                        2. Francis Jayakanth (IISc, Bangalore);                        3. Madhan Muthu (Visiting Scientist, DST-CPR-IISc) Discussion Focus: Why Open Access is important to Science, particularly inIndia? When researchers publish their works in journals and conferenceproceedings, they would want their works to be read, cited, and built uponby as wide an audience as possible. Much of the scientific publicationsare being published by commercial publishers. Subscription costs of suchpublications are very high, constantly increasing, and beyond the means ofmost of the libraries. The high subscription costs create an accessbarrier to the scientific literature because of which the publications donot get the kind of visibility that the researchers would like to have.The lack of adequate visibility will reduce the potential impact of thepublications. This in turn could affect the advancement of knowledge. Itis therefore imperative that the access barrier to scientific literaturecreated because of high subscription costs should be overcome and thiscould be achieved through OA publishing. More Details: Open Access in India: Q&A with Prof. Subbiah Arunachalam(http://bit.ly/2qPXheE)  All are cordially invited to attend. PS: This is part of the policy discussion series scheduled for *first andthird Wednesday of every month*