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Jimenez, A., & Pandey, P. (2020). The Plurality of Technology and Innovation in the Global South. Responsibility Beyond Growth: A Case for Responsible Stagnation, 91.

Pandey, P. (2020). The Banality of Western Innovations: What does it mean to be Responsible Globally in de Saille et al. (eds.) The Fourth Quadrant: Responsibility beyond Growth, Bristol University Press, UK (with Mario Pansera, Karen Mettle Noo and Andrea Jimenez).

Pandey, P. (2017). Review of the book (Rethinking Revolutions: Soyabean, Choupals and the Changing Countryside in Central India by Richa Kumar) in Journal of Scientometric Research, Phcog.Net, Vol. 6, No. 1, 57-59.