Radhika Trikha

Senior Policy Fellow


DST-Centre for Policy Research, Panjab University

Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi

Research interests:

Dr Radhika’s policy-research domain is ‘Strengthening Industry-Academia Research and Development Ecosystem in India’. Her research interest includes ‘R&D incentivization landscape for the private sector, nationally and internationally’ and ‘Public-Private Partnership Models for R&D’. She has developed a keen interest in researching on modes for achieving ‘system interconnectedness for STI ecosystem’ by establishing STI nexus comprising of STI performers, STI Consumers and STI Facilitators.


Dr Radhika Trikha is working as Senior Policy Fellow and is jointly hosted at DST-CPR@PU, Chd. and DST, GoI. She has previously worked as Senior Scientist D (Oct. 2019 -April 2020), Senior Scientist C (May 2015 – Nov. 2016) and DST-STI-Post-Doctoral Fellow (Dec. 2016 – Sep. 2019) in DST-CPR@ PU, Chd. She has gained nearly 5 years of experience in Science Policy Research. Radhika earned her Ph.D. degree from Department of Microbial Biotechnology (DMBT), PU, Chd. under INSPIRE Fellowship Scheme of DST, GoI. She is also the recipient of ‘University Gold Medal’, both during her Graduation (Biotechnology) at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, as well as and Post-graduation (Microbial Biotechnology) at PU, Chd  



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(The book was released in 104th Indian Science Congress in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Scientific Advisor to PM, Dr. R Chidambaram.)

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