OSSAN IDEATHON 2022, Open Science South Asian Network

Registrations are open now. Submission deadline: 15th January ,2023


IOpen Science practices are yet to get momentum in the South Asian region. Considerable digital, technological and knowledge divides exist between and within South Asian countries. The adoption of open science practices holds a significant promise of progress for the STI ecosystem of this region. But with the promise of a better ecosystem come immense challenges as well. Developing policies for open science, investing in open science infrastructure, transforming scientific culture and incentivisation and investing in capacity building are some of the essential and primary requirements.

To address the challenges of fostering an open scientific framework and culture within this region’s STI ecosystem, we are organising OSSAN IDEATHON 2022, a first-of-its-kind event that aims to invite tangible solutions to facilitate open science in the region of South Asia. Students, academics, developers, Open Science enthusiasts, practitioners, researchers, and academics from diverse academic and professional backgrounds from South Asia are invited to share their unique, creative ideas on a set of challenges to facilitate Open Science in South Asia and build a foundation for collaboration among South Asian countries through innovative projects, applications and infrastructures.

We are inviting ideas and solutions on the following themes:













The OSSAN IDEATHON 2022 invites submissions from undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers in all disciplines, including science, technology, engineering, arts, humanities, and social sciences.


  1. OSSAN ideathon is an individual/team-based event with not more than 5 people in a group. Teams can comprise participants from single/multiple organizations/institutions.
  2. All individuals/teams will be allowed to submit a maximum of one idea on any theme/s mentioned.
  3. Choosen problems should be relevant to solving Open Science challenges in South Asian country/s or they should promote Open Science collaboration in the South Asia region.
  4. Submissions of innovative ideas can be sent in the format of pdf with a content limitation of 1000 words (doc/docx/pdf) with optional supplementary material like videos of maximum 300 seconds and/or presentations of maximum 10 slides. For more information, please refer to this document submission guideline.
  5. The submitted ideas will be licensed with Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0/NC/SA) and all submissions will be published/uploaded as knowledge products on the OSSAN website. For more information on Creative Commons license, please click here.
  6. The only way to submit your ideas is through this google form. Submissions through any other means will not be admitted.
  7. The registration and submission will begin at 8:00 AM, 1st December and the deadline will be at 10:00 PM, 30th December Deadline extended to 15th January, 2023. We suggest participants submit their ideas before 10th January to avoid delayed submission due to technical problems.
  8. Please read the Code of Conduct before submitting your ideas.
  9. Plagiarism in any form will attract desk rejection of proposals/ideas

This is an online event and registration is free. All entries would be reviewed by a jury and top three entries would be given prizes. All participants would be given e-certificates for participation. 

For further details, visit https://ossan2022.net/ideathon/