Event on “Eugene Garfield and Scientometrics”

Eugene Garfield in Memoriam

, 30 Oct 2017

Dear all,

The DST-Centre for Policy Research at Indian Institute of Science is pleased to invite you to a half-day event on

“Eugene Garfield and Scientometrics”

Eugene Garfield in Memoriam

Faculty Hall, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

30 Oct 2017 | 10 am – 12.30 pm

This event is to celebrate the life and work of a man who not only had the imagination, pragmatic judgment, and immense energy required to invent, produce, and develop a useful tool for a seemingly routine but fundamental task in science, viz. searching the literature, but also had a deep intuitive sense of the social, cultural, and cognitive structures latent in the practice of science. With his visionary enthusiasm, Garfield saw in his creations a better science for society and the ideal of a unified body of knowledge accessible to all. The two speakers, between them, will cover the impact of the man and his work on science and scientists as well as on the way performance in science is evaluated. We will also get to hear about how Garfield evolved from humble beginnings to a businessman, scholar and a polymath. Come and listen to the fascinating story of the man whose creations have transformed the fabric of science.


In Quest of the World Brain: The Life and Work of the Pragmatic Polymath Eugene Garfield

 by David A. Pendlebury

Eugene Garfield and His Impact on Science and Scientistsby P. Balaram

About the speakers:

David A. Pendlebury joined the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), now Clarivate Analytics, in 1983. He began as a translator and indexer and later worked with ISI’s founder Eugene Garfield on personal research projects. Until June 2004, Pendlebury was Manager of the department’s contract research services. He has served as Consulting Citation Analyst for Clarivate Analytics since 2006.

  1. Balaram is a former Director of Indian Institute of Science and a former Editor of Current Science. He is currently Emeritus Professor, Molecular Biophysics Unit, IISc, and DST Year of Science Chair Professor, NCBS, Bengaluru.

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Event Poster: E.Garfield and Scientometrics