DST-CPR, IISc Policy Lecture Series

Lecture 5

Biosafety and Policy: Frontiers and Challenges

3rd February, 2023

04:00 PM IST

Online via Zoom


The landscape of evolving challenges from emerging infectious diseases is shaped by multifactorial interactions. Factors like climate change, demographic shifts, conflict and enormous cost of the pandemic on the economic health of developing nations are some of the factors. Biosafety and biosecurity are integral and essential elements factoring in National health preparedness and capacity strengthening. The conventional approach towards public health challenges is thus being reshaped from pandemic lessons-learned. The regulatory frameworks for biosafety by countries are being integrated globally through formal and informal mechanisms. The global commitments are firmly shaping up. A collated effort in addressing issues of antimicrobial resistance, emerging zoonotic infections, surveillance, developing and strengthening national laboratory systems are need-hour factors in the challenge. The problem identification and solving are being addressed through more innovative mechanism viz. the “Action Package Concept” of the Global Health Security Agenda. The UN sustainable developmental goals being central to the objective. The talk will review the evolution of biological threats, elements of biosafety policy framework with relevant examples and look at future directions in this challenging area from a national and international context. 

About the speaker

Professor Atanu Basu

Prof. Atanu Basu is scientist G with the ICMR- National Institute of Virology (NIV, Pune) and heads the Department of Electron Microscopy & Pathology. His group is focused on research projects related to virus pathogenesis, electron microscopy of viruses and pathophysiology of viral hemorrhagic fevers. Dr. Basu is an alumnus of the Presidency college Kolkata, the University of Florida Gainesville USA, the University of Pune and a Fogarty Fellow of the National Institutes of Health USA.
He is a member of the World Health Organization biosafety Technical Advisory Group (TAG-B) and has been a part of the Indian delegation to the UN Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). He serves in National and international advisory capacities in areas of biosecurity and has a strong research focus on emerging infectious diseases and global health security. He is a passionate academician and former adjunct professor of IIT-Mandi. 

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