Gautam Sharma

PosT-Doctoral Policy Fellow



Gautam is currently working as a DST Postdoctoral Policy Fellow with the DST- Centre for Policy Research at the Indian Institute of Science. 

He has completed an integrated MPhil-PhD from the Centre for Studies in Science Technology and Innovation Policy, Central University of Gujarat in 2020. His PhD and MPhil research has focused on the areas of ‘grassroots’ innovations in the Indian context. In his PhD study, he explored the designing of grassroots innovations in three stages of idea generation, experimentation, and implementation. Similarly, his MPhil project focused on the role of intellectual property rights in protecting informal sector grassroots innovations in India.

Research interests:

Gautam has academic training in the field of Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy studies and has used qualitative research methods to engage with various issues related to STI in India.

His research interest lies in the areas of informal innovations specifically those which are developed by people or groups working outside the rigid structures of formal science and technology institutions. He is keen on studying the networking and collaboration by innovators working in informal settings in India and their knowledge sharing practices within and outside their community.



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