Technology Assessment (TA) & Vision Analysis

The term TA has both broad and specific implications based on its country-specific and issue-specific usage. In India, although, there is little recognition for the name TA, many activities undertaken by the government or private organizations could be categorized as serving a TA-like function. The aim of this study is to look at different ways in which TA is understood and undertaken in the Indian context. The study, based on expert inputs and secondary literature, brings a historical understanding of different S&T values projected through different science policies in India and presents TA in relation to these values. The study concludes that India has a rich mix of different forms of TA. A special contribution of the Indian context for a global TA is its capacity and rich tradition of critical discourse on S&T which adds a new category of TA as critical discourse. The current challenge in front of India is to bring together all forms of TA being practiced in the country and make their best use by systematically connecting them to the S&T policy process.

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