Women in Science in India

The gap in the representation of women in higher institutes of scientific research and study is known to all. Their representation is minimal even in achieving prestigious awards, or even prestigious institutions of science. Various studies have been conducted over the last couple of decades, and the conclusions of all these studies are not in favor of women, and bring out the picture that the representation of women in absolute numbers exceptionally low. Women also face more difficulties in their careers than men, being in a certain social context that still hasn’t completely accepted women as scientists.

This project looks at the questions of interests of women in science and vice versa, their presence in science in a historical continuum, their career trajectories in socio-cultural context of doing science in India and changing gender relations in science in India in the context of an increasingly globalizing world.

For more details, please contact, Dr. Poonam Pandeyppoonam@iisc.ac.in / p.pandey23@gmail.com